Rolling Walkers

Want walk erect? An on a roll? You can walker for miles (on not!) and have races. You can walker to go to breakfast (lunch and dinner.)  If you get tired, you can sit down in your walker and take a load off. You can walker to got other activities like church, the exercise room, sing-a-longs or the movies. You can even walker to got the grocery store. (Be careful crossing the street!) Then you can put your groceries in the seat of your walker.

Learning how to use crutches

First, you need to break your leg. Breaking your arm hurts just as much, but it is not necessary to use crutches for a broken arm. Actually you don’t need to break your leg. A knee to the knee or a twist to the knee may require you to use crutches. A broken toe with or without a cast may require crutches. A sprained ankle or worse yet, a broken ankle definitely requires a cast and/or crutches.
It makes my hip hurt (real bad) just having said that.
First off, try on crutches for size. That is to say, put crutches under your arm pit. They should be straight up and down with no pinching of your arm pit. Your feet should be flat on the ground. No tippy-toe.
Now with the crutches snugly under you arm (not pinching and straight up and down.) take the weight off of your feet. (gently). If you desire, do it one foot a time Then both feet for a second or two. Now you’re ready. Standing on one foot, (preferably your good one) swing the crutches (both of them) about two inches straight in front of you. Transfer your weight off of your foot and back on to your crutches. Your foot (the good one as well as your bad one) should take a step of a couple of inches, and the crutches should be straight up and down again. Repeat repeatedly taking longer and longer steps. (Not too long though. Six inches is about maximum.) With practice, speed can be built up to 40 paces an hour!

Wheel Chairs

Do you want to get around easily and sitting up? There are people that travel long distances in wheel chairs. They have traveled from town to town,  and across the country. They do it for various reasons. Sometimes it was to get donations for a charity or for a specific donor recipient. There are wheel chair races. Sometimes a person is challenged to a race that is not handicapped. Tres difficult!

There are wheelchair basketball games and even wheelchair basketball leagues. They become as good at basketball as high school basketball players.

All this is down sitting down.

Do You Like To “Scooter” Around?

Scooters are fun. A scooter can do wheelies with just a flick of the wrist. Don’t use too much juice or else you’ll land flat on your back! Scooters can do “donuts” too. Of course, you may become dizzy scooting around in circles, but else is new? Seriously, though, Scooters are easier to use than wheel chairs, because you don’t need to build up your upper body strength. Scooters are smaller and faster. Scooters can run circles around wheelchairs! Let’s scooter!

Adjustable Folding Cane

Wooden Walking StickDo you want to travel long distances, but with a bad hip you require a cane? Or even short distances. With a adjustable folding cane you can ride buses, cars, trains, (and even possibly airplanes!)  When you were a kid did you ever play with numb-chucks? (Oops illegal!) An adjustable folding cane works on the same principal. when it is not needed you just fold the cane and stick in your bag , purse or backpack. Out of sight out of mind! Safely tucked away.