Sturdy Medical Walking Canes Give Me Awesome Support

walking canes man shadowI love being able to get the support that I need with sturdy walking canes. These canes are the best when it comes to being able to get around easily and quickly. I am a person who has a larger frame, so I need something that doesn’t feel flimsy and that I know will be able to support me fully.

There are lots of great walking canes out there, but I found the ones that are the best for my needs. These are folding canes that work well for my on-the-go lifestyle and that give me just what I need when it comes to being reliable. It’s easy to fold and to unfold these canes and they help me a lot.

I looked for while until I found these medical walking canes that are just perfect for my needs. I got a few of them so that I can have one that I use at home, one for the office, and one that I can keep in my car. My medical condition doesn’t stop me from being able to enjoy life thanks to these awesome walking canes that make it easy for me to get around and to go pretty much anywhere that I want to go.

I Get Around More Thanks To My 4 Wheeled Mobility Walker

walker blueMy awesome mobility walker makes it easy for me to get around more. I love using it to take a walk through the park, go to the grocery store, or to go do some errands. Having a reliable mobility walker is great for me at my age. The walker allows me to do things without letting my health or mobility issues get in the way.

I like to experience life as much as possible now that I am retired and getting older. I have the time to explore and to go on journeys I never had a chance to experience before. My walker is the perfect tool to have me exploring new cities and going on all kinds of tours and adventures. I enjoy going on vacations and on weekend trips with it.

My 4 wheeled mobility walker helps me to safely get around. I can rely on it to give me the support that I need and also to hold my essential items. The walker can easily be folded up and put away for when I’m traveling. I like that it has the storage that I need as well. The walker is essential to me being able to enjoy life to the fullest.

A Crutch Is Handy After Knee Surgery

crutchI had knee surgery not too long ago and I depend on my crutch to help me recover and get from place to place. Since my knee is not fully healed yet, it’s painful to put too much weight on it. I use a crutch to help take some of the strain off of my knee and to help me get around more easily.

I love the grip and sturdiness that I get with my crutch. The crutch has just enough grip and padding for me to feel comfortable using it all day long. I don’t have to worry about getting rashes under my arms or blisters on my hands from using the crutch constantly. The one I have works very well for my knee surgery recovery.

Tall Crutches Help Me Recover From My Broken Leg

crutches I broke my leg a few months ago while skiing and I got some tall crutches to help me recover. I was skiing down an icy slope and ended up slipping on the ice and losing control. I started tumbling down the hill at a very fast speed and my leg ended up getting twisted in all sorts of weird ways.

I got unlucky and one of my ski bindings did not work properly when I fell. One of my skis didn’t come off, which make my leg twist and break. I suffered for months healing from this injury and my tall crutches have helped me out a lot. They are just right for my tall height and are comfortable to use all day long.

Learning how to use crutches

First, you need to break your leg. Breaking your arm hurts just as much, but it is not necessary to use crutches for a broken arm. Actually you don’t need to break your leg. A knee to the knee or a twist to the knee may require you to use crutches. A broken toe with or without a cast may require crutches. A sprained ankle or worse yet, a broken ankle definitely requires a cast and/or crutches.
It makes my hip hurt (real bad) just having said that.
First off, try on crutches for size. That is to say, put crutches under your arm pit. They should be straight up and down with no pinching of your arm pit. Your feet should be flat on the ground. No tippy-toe.
Now with the crutches snugly under you arm (not pinching and straight up and down.) take the weight off of your feet. (gently). If you desire, do it one foot a time Then both feet for a second or two. Now you’re ready. Standing on one foot, (preferably your good one) swing the crutches (both of them) about two inches straight in front of you. Transfer your weight off of your foot and back on to your crutches. Your foot (the good one as well as your bad one) should take a step of a couple of inches, and the crutches should be straight up and down again. Repeat repeatedly taking longer and longer steps. (Not too long though. Six inches is about maximum.) With practice, speed can be built up to 40 paces an hour!