A Folding Wheeled Walker Is Great For Walks By The Water

ocean viewMy grandmother has had a lot of mobility issues that have come with her old age. She still likes to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and life in general. She has a lovely wheeled walker that makes it easy for her to experience all of the beauty of the outdoors. The walker features comfortable grip and a design that works well for her.

I live in a city that has fabulous views of the water in it. I live in the Seattle area and there are plenty of cities here where you can see Lake Washington and the other lakes and bodies of water in the region. There is a cool downtown area in the city where I live and this area features great views of the water.

My grandmother loves to take a walk along the water here and to take in all of the beauty of it. There are lots of nice restaurants and outdoor eating areas in this place as well as grassy fields where you can just sit and relax and plenty of benches. I love to explore this area with my grandmother and thanks to her folding wheeled walker, she can see it all with ease.

by ThePathToMobility

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