A Folding Waking Cane is Easy to Put Away When I Get Somewhere

folding walking caneI have been using a cane since a couple of years ago since I just am not steady enough on my feet to make it so that I will be able to get around without one. I am fine with using a cane for the most part since I have adjusted to having to use it all of the time. I don’t love the fact that I need a cane to get around, but I have come to accept it.

One of the things that I really hate about having a cane is that it is just so difficult for me to be able to find somewhere that I can put the cane once I am seated somewhere. I hate having to try and find a place for this cane to go when I am sitting down in a movie theater or at the opera. It is annoying to have to hold onto the cane or have someone put it away off to the side.

To make sure that I am able to get around with a cane that I can easily put away once I am seated, I have started to look for a cane that will fold up. I have seen other people using folding canes that they can easily put away once they reach their seat. I plan on buying a folding walking cane so that I am able to have the same convenience.

by ThePathToMobility

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